We are the G-TEAM

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We are the G-TEAM

Post  The_Pedo on Thu Dec 22, 2011 11:48 pm

We are an "elite" force of griefers. Our job is to right the wrongs done by power hungry and terrible admins that abuse their minecraft rights. There is 4 of us so far, but we are looking for a fith wheel but read below for that. You can become a part of our fanbase/supporters by registering on the forum. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel at KFLOVER4EVAR, here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/KFLOVER4EVAR. If you have a server you want us to grief you should go to grief list and post a new thread, but please read the formatting rules of posting first. We also use hacked clients. If you can scpirt java you will be seriously conscederd to join our team we are accepting applications now on my youtube.

If you would like to join you should answer these questions when you message us:
1. Do you use hacked clients or have you ever?
2. Can you script java?
3. Do you have admin or op perms on any servers that you would want to grief?
4. Willing to be Mcbanned multiple times?
5. How many times have you been banned (average) and if so what did you get banned for? (Dont worry we are looking for bad people Razz)
6. How many minecraft accounts do you have?
7. Do you have a screen recorder that can record audio as well as video?
8. Do you have a decent amount of patience and can put time into playing mine craft?
9. would you be willing to go onto a server and collet ores with X-ray?

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